Self-locking device for Vertical Lifting Clamps and safe and reliable

- Mar 13, 2019-

The Vertical Lifting Clamps are equipped with self-locking devices during use, which are very safe and reliable in the process of operation. The whole equipment is easy to operate, high in work efficiency and easy to maintain. The vertical lifting clamps are used for steel plates. When lifting the articles, you should understand the precautions for the use of the vertical steel plate tongs during operation and use to avoid dangerous accidents.


1. The vertical lifting clamp must be familiar with this safety operation before use.


2. Check before use, bite, gasket, blockage between teeth, wear state, whether all rotating parts are flexible, whether the spring locking device is sensitive and reliable, whether the fastener is loose and other abnormal phenomena, and the inspection is correct. use.


3. Vertical steel plate clamps must be selected and used in accordance with the specifications and weight of the steel plate lifting.


4. When lifting the steel plate with the vertical hanging steel clamp, the spring locking device must be pulled to the locked position after the bite is clamped to the steel plate before lifting.


5. During the lifting operation, it is not allowed to pass above the personnel. The hoisting personnel need to remind other operators to pay attention to safety in the area of 2 meters or more in front of the route during the running.


6. It is strictly forbidden to knock or impact the hanging objects and spreaders.


7. Do not allow the hanging object to move sharply or stop abruptly.