Seven Notices and Main Features in Push Beam Trolley

- May 21, 2018-

Push beam trolley is used together with chain hoists or other lifting tools when in use. In the process of installation, they are mainly used on the lower flange of I-beam rails to form a lifting and transportation trolley. It has the advantages of advanced structure, beautiful appearance, high transmission efficiency, hand pulling or small thrust. Widely used in factories, mines, docks, warehouses and computer rooms to install equipment and cargo handling.

7 Things to Remember When Pushing a Monorail

1. It is forbidden to overload the monorail when driving.

2. Hand-operated monorails shall be operated so that the hand zipper strips are forced in the center plane of the sprocket wheel and must not be pulled diagonally.

3. When pushing a monorail on a hand, if there is an abnormal pulling force, you must not yank it. Stop using it immediately and check the reason.

4. Periodically add lubricant to the gears and rail surfaces of the monorail and check for looseness of the fasteners.

5. Monorail trolleys The manual monorail lanes are supported by I-beams. Therefore, I-beams that are deformed, distorted, cracked or do not conform to standards and have other defects cannot be used as monorails.

6. When pushing a single track to lift heavy objects, it is forbidden for any person to walk or work under heavy objects.

7. When lifting a heavy object by hand on a monorail, it should be centered on the plane of the I-beam web. Otherwise, do not lift it.

The main features of hand-push monorail

Push beam trolleys is safe and easy to maintain. The monorail trolley has a compact structure and a small installation size. During the operation, the height of the monorail trolley can be adjusted by itself to make the four wheels evenly distributed. Wheel spacing is easy to adjust for a variety of I-beams.

Hand-steering single-track traffic has high transmission efficiency and small pull force. And you can drive on a curve with a small radius of gyration. The monorail driver pushes the monorail trolley by hand and pushes the hoisting object to drive on the lower wing edge of the I-beam rail. The chain hoist or other hoisting machinery is suspended below the trolley to form a manual lifting and transportation trolley. Hand-push monorails are widely used in factories, mines, wharfs, warehouses, construction sites, etc. They can be used to install machinery and equipment, lift cargo, and are particularly suitable for operations without power sources.