Single steel plate lifting clamp features and fields of application

- Oct 11, 2018-

The single steel plate lifting clamp belongs to the narrow-faced steel lifting clamp, but its lifting ring can be rotated in multiple directions, specifically in three directions, namely the universal hook-and-loop type. The single-plate lifting clamp's lever-type locking device is easy to unload; the automatic tightening mechanism is more than twice the force of the lifting ring load.


The clamping force of the single steel plate lifting clamp is proportional to the lifting weight, which can lift the fishing boat; from the appearance of it, there is no bump, the nut is built-in and safe; the material is made of special alloy steel high temperature quenching cam; welded steel The body is resistant to cracking and has high tensile strength and is integrated.


Such single steel plate lifting clamp can be used for lateral lifting, horizontal lifting, handling, welding, assembly, loading, etc., and are widely used in steel, iron, bridges, steel structures, steel plates, steel beams, steel frames, Shipbuilding, cranes, etc., greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.