Specification for proper use of vertical plate clamps

- Jun 17, 2019-

The vertical plate clamp, like the hook, is a type of lifting rigging and is mainly used for lifting steel steel plates. The user needs to select the appropriate type of vertical plate clamp according to the lifting requirements. The load on the plate clamp is checked by the manufacturer. According to the logo, refer to the weight of the lifting plate and then determine the number and specifications of the plate clamps used.


If the steel plate is not packed, then use a vertical plate clamp to hoist and only clamp one steel plate instead of sandwiching the steel plates that overlap. Therefore, the weight of the steel plate and the load of the plate clamp should be calculated to avoid overload. If the steel plate collides or oscillates greatly during the hoisting process, the load on the plate clamp may increase, causing the steel plate to fall off the plate clamp, so collision should be prevented during the hoisting process.


Before using vertical plate clamps, you need to know the information for each plate clamp, including specifications, loads, and so on. If the plate clamp is severely worn, it cannot be used to clamp the steel plate, and it cannot be lifted. If the surface of the steel plate is polished or otherwise treated, it may not be suitable for the plate clamp. In this case, the sling, sling or wire rope can be selected for fixing and lifting.