Steel Beam Lifting Clamps How To Buy

- Aug 28, 2017-

Steel beam lifting clamps, how should the correct use and purchase? As well as its use in the process, what are we gotta know and master? These questions, the purpose of the proposed, mainly for the sake of a thorough solution, so that we can initially familiar with and understand this kind of lifting clamp, rather than ignorant, in this regard is a blank.

Steel beam lifting clamps

1. How to properly use steel beam lifting clamps?

Steel beam lifting clamps, which in use, its correct operation is: during the lifting process, the jaws are opened. And then firmly clamped on the lifting of the heavy objects, so that you can carry out lifting work. In addition, when the weight is put down, is the first heavy ground, so that there is no load on the lifting clamp, then even, and then remove the clamp, note that the order is not reversed.

2. Steel beam lifting clamps to buy, how to carry out?

Steel beam lifting clamps, its purchase work, in general, is certainly related to some specific aspects, for example, according to the actual situation and needs to determine the appropriate model, as well as steel beam lifting clamps material to determine The In addition, the thickness of the plate, is to see the requirements of heavy load clamp. Its appearance and brand, but also need to take into account the two aspects, the appearance of good or bad, will affect the product quality, and its brand, mainly related to the product after-sales service.

3. Steel beam lifting clampsin the use of the process, we should know and master what?

Steel beam lifting clamps, the use of the note, there are the following, is:

(1) before lifting, the steel beam lifting clamp should be checked, whether there is a problem, if there is no problem, to use, otherwise, can not be used.

(2) in the heavy lifting process, should always pay attention to whether it is in a horizontal state, if tilted, and its horizontal angle of more than 7 degrees, is to be adjusted, not sloppy.

(3) steel beam lifting clamps at work, in the lower part of the dangerous area, there is no one to ensure safety. And, heavy lifting, should be avoided by the collision or impact. In the hanging material speed, lifting clamp moving speed can not be too fast, so as not to heavy off from the hanging clamp and problems.

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