Steel Plate Lifting Clamps

- Aug 26, 2017-

Steel plate lifting clamps, which is a tool for lifting steel plate items. Can also be called steel clamp, lifting clamp, elevators and hanging clamp and so on.

Steel plate lifting clamps

1. Steel plate lifting clamps specific types

Steel plate lifting clamp, if the way by way of lifting, it can be divided into hanging steel plate lifting clamp and vertical lifting plate lifting clamp these two categories.

Steel plate lifting clamp ABLE steel plate lifting clamp, if it is classified from the performance, then there is a BC rail holder, DLVC oil drum pliers, HLC plate lifting clamp, HPC lifting clamp, LPC Steel plate lifting clamp, HVC lifting hook, and LTC stone spreader, etc., there are many kinds of.

2. Steel plate lifting clamps features and advantages

Steel plate lifting clamp, which in the characteristics, is for the force can be evenly distributed, and it is possible to level the lifting, thus, to have a good lifting effect. Its advantages, it is for the operation is simple and convenient, high efficiency, and easy maintenance. In addition, there are self-locking device, so that it can ensure the safety and reliability of its work.

3. Instructions for the use of steel plate lifting clamps

The use of steel plate lifting clamp, should be responsible for the person, and is to be qualified for the professional staff, to carry out. Its use, is strictly prohibited overload and ultra-range use. Also, during use, you can not move and stop abruptly. In addition, before use, we must first check, check no problem before use.

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