Steel plate lifting clamps are severely forbidden to use

- Jun 20, 2020-

The structure of the steel plate lifting clamp is very simple, and it does not require maintenance under general use. After a period of use, check whether the steel plate clamp is intact before the operation. If the clamp product has been used for a long time, if it is found to be seriously worn, it should be replaced in time. Continue to use it may cause accidents.

Due to the long-term use of steel plate lifting clamp products, the jaws of the clamps will be worn, causing the jaws to be loose, and the serious wear is easy to cause a fall accident during operation. Therefore, the wear of the steel plate clamps cannot be ignored. Users who use steel plate tongs for a long time should replace new products every corresponding period of time to ensure the safety of the operation. The life span of the tongs can be conservatively estimated according to their own operating conditions, as far as possible before serious wear Replace all with new products.