Steel plate lifting clamps safety requirements

- Sep 18, 2017-

The use of cross-hanging steel plate lifting clamps users should be more clear that the product has many advantages, first of all, it has a uniform distribution of the performance of lifting the level, but also with self-locking device, so the use of relatively simple and reliable. But also can guarantee a higher efficiency, post-maintenance is also more convenient. However, during the daily use, also need to pay attention to safety.

In other words, in the use of steel plate lifting clamps in the process, we must also as much as possible to ensure safe operation. Therefore, in the process of lifting the operation, we must ensure that the arrangements are arranged to hang the operation of qualified personnel to operate. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the selected clamp can meet the requirements of the work. The third point, be sure to ensure that the scope of its use within the use of, is strictly prohibited overload.

As a user, we must understand in advance about the content of the security requirements of the operation, and to consciously abide by. In addition to the requirements described above, we also need to ensure that the steel plate lifting clamps is used within the tolerable plate thickness range. In the whole operation process, other personnel may not enter the hoisting operation area, so as to avoid accidents.

In addition, in the lifting process, should ensure that the safety of hanging objects, should be careful not to hit or hit the hanging objects and spreaders. And in the use of steel plate lifting clamp, we should pay attention to control the speed of movement, try to avoid the lifting of a sharp move or suddenly stop.

Finally, we also need to remind you that the use of steel plate lifting clamps before, do not forget to be checked first, mainly to see the head, gaskets are intact, whether the teeth between the plug. If there are abnormal problems, should be dealt with, to confirm no exception before they can use. In order to prevent the emphasis, it is best to use two or more hanging clamp.

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