Steel plate turn lifting clamps operating instructions

- Jan 22, 2018-

Steel plate turn lifting clamps is a type of lifting equipment suitable for steel turning. As a commonly used steel hanging clamp, its operation should be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications to ensure the safe operation of the steel plate turning lifting clamp. So in the plate turning lifting clamp work, to pay attention to what details?


For example, when the object was dropped, the steel plate should be turned away from the grippers of the lifting tongs so as not to be clamped when lifting the tongs. The relative position of each hinge of the claw, the support plate, the pull rod and the small pull rod in the steel plate overturning lifting clamp is determined after the test and comparison by drawing the coordinates, the relative position determines the direction of the force of the claw and the claw stroke the size of.


Steel plate turn lifting clamps in the lifting of various types of parts, the jaws should be stuck as much as possible in the center of gravity of the object being grasped, in order to reduce the inclination of heavy lifting, to avoid being scratched scratches, reducing the teeth Claw and toothed plate wear, thereby increasing its durability. Also bear in mind, heavy objects were caught trying to avoid the larger parts of the glitches and poor strength, so as not to slip and snap ring.


Steel plate turn lifting clamps lifting heavy objects after lifting, there is no drop hit the phenomenon of hanging clamp is heavy contact with the support surface, to fully smooth and gradually release. Small hook hanging on the shell, can be used in non-grasping heavy surface nip open, when the weight into the jaws after the small dial, hook up to work.


In addition to lifting the lifting plate can be used for weight lifting and turning, but also can be used for extraction work, other construction sites pulled out of the ground into the angle steel, I-beam is also applicable. In short, with the plate flip lifting clamp, all aspects of the work a lot easier.