Storage requirements and self-locking function of double steel lifting clamp

- Feb 04, 2019-

The double-steel lifting clamp has a steel plate type lifting when it is used, and has a self-locking function to a certain extent, which is very convenient and high in workmanship during operation, and the equipment is used for extending the lifting of the steel plate. Life, after using the product, be sure to maintain and use the correct method for storage.

1. Remove the adhering debris from the steel plate clamp, and use a rag or steel ball to remove the debris attached to the movable part of the steel plate clamp and the clamp head and the clamp bolt. When encountering debris that cannot be removed, replace the spherical chuck and the clamping bolts in time.

2. Lubricate the bolts and bearings. Add oil to the rotating parts of the bolts and bearings of the steel plate clamp and the threaded part of the pressure nut. Then wipe the spherical chuck and the thread of the clamping bolt to avoid the thread. Attached to the grease (easy to slip), causing unnecessary damage.

3. Storage method: Store indoors when not in use, avoiding rusting of steel plate clamps due to outdoor weather or temperature difference