Structure and manufacturing process of turntable small tank

- Feb 20, 2019-

The turntable small tank is a kind of handling equipment that can replace the traditional and the rolling bar as a carrying tool. When it is used for handling large equipment and long-distance equipment, it is used together with a crowbar or claw jack. The movement of heavy goods can save a lot of manpower and time. It can replace the gantry when some heavy equipment is installed in place.

Structure of the turntable small tank
The structure of the small tank of the turntable is made up of a turntable, a turntable steel ball, a carrier plate, a side plate, an alloy steel wheel axle, a roller, and a roller bearing.

Each of our company's handling small tanks adopts the "excellent" production process, so the parts that need to be processed on the lathe are all completed by "CNC machine tools", mainly to achieve the accurate combination of components, prolong the service life and operation. , carrying requirements.

Any one of our company's handling small tanks adopts a 100:1 ratio sampling test, and each customer's customized products must be inspected.