The characteristics and application of round chain hoist

- Sep 06, 2018-

The round chain hoist is a hand-operated hoist that is widely used, simple to operate, and easy to carry. It can be used in the production and construction of factories, mines, agriculture, electric power, buildings, mechanical installation of docks, docks, warehouses, cargo lifting, Vehicle loading and unloading, etc., especially suitable for open air and no power supply.


The production standard of circular round chain hoist. The structure design of the product is reasonable. The selection of materials is exquisite. Generally, the design of the symmetrical arrangement of the secondary gear rotating structure is adopted. The appearance is beautiful, the volume is small, the strength of the machine is high, the toughness is large, the use is safe, and the durability is durable. As a model of the chain hoist round, its advantages are light and convenient, and easy to carry.


In practical applications, round chain hoists and monorail trolleys can be used as needed to adapt to industrial, agricultural, construction, mining and other installation, lifting, loading and unloading work. The standard lifting height of the circular chain hoist is usually 3m, and the chain adopts the 80-level lifting chain of the fully automatic production equipment to ensure the finished product is more durable.