The characteristics of heavy equipment moving skates and large load capacity

- Jun 14, 2019-

Heavy equipment moving skates can be used alone or in combination. The domestically handled small tanks can be carried by the number of wheels. Generally, one wheel can carry 1.5t, generally four sets; and the imported small tanks are wheeled. Judging the tonnage, usually four wheels.


Characteristics of heavy equipment handling tanks


1) Handling small tanks are small in size and heavy in weight.


2) Forged steel plate with strong bearing pressure. Made in China is a common steel plate.


3) Wheel material: silicone resin is resistant to pressure. Can also protect the ground from oil; sliding wheel

No maintenance, the rubber layer on the surface protects the material and increases the friction.


4) Stability; large load capacity, can be equipped with a joystick, mobile and convenient steering.


5) Convenient operation, as long as the use of the topping tool can greatly save the work cycle. No maintenance is required, and the product itself is simple and requires no maintenance.


The heavy-duty equipment handling tank is equipped with a handle for easy guiding and guiding to a bearing structure that can move and rotate heavy loads in a narrow place, giving the universal small tank front wheel can be turned within 45 degrees. When the heavy load can be supported and distributed reasonably When loading, multiple small tanks can be used at the same time. Even when carrying heavy loads, they have very good flexibility.