The characteristics of the chain hoist and the requirements of the materials

- Feb 13, 2019-

The chain hoist is safe and reliable to a certain extent. It is easy to maintain and has high mechanical efficiency. It has small bracelet pull, light weight, easy to carry, beautiful appearance, small size and durability. It is suitable for factories. Mines, construction sites, docks, docks, warehouses, etc. are used to install machines and lift cargo, especially for open-air and power-free operations.


The main parts of the chain hoist are made of alloy steel. The chain adopts 800Mpa high-strength lifting chain. The material is generally 20M2, medium frequency quenching heat treatment, low wear and anti-corrosion chain; high strength hook, the material is generally alloy steel, calcined The hook design ensures a slow lift to prevent overload; it meets European CE safety standards.


Hand chain hoist features


1. In line with international standards, safe and reliable, durable.

2. Good performance and easy maintenance.

3. High toughness, small size, light weight and convenient to carry.

4. The hand pull force is small and the strength of the machine is high.

5. Compact and advanced structure, beautiful appearance.

6. Lift the cargo in the no-power area.

7. Powerful.