The characteristics of turn plate lifting clamps

- Mar 15, 2018-

Turn plate lifting clamps are suitable for horizontal lifting of steel plates, vertical lifting, and turning of steel sections. The lifting pliers of this type are manufactured using Shougang low-carbon and high-quality alloy steel. The actual use of the lifting pliers is strong and durable, and it is easy to operate. specialty. Afterwards, when the lifting jack-ups are used for use, they will, to a great extent, also be suitable for turning over h steels (H-shaped, I-shaped, I-H-shaped).


The load range on this kind of turn plate lifting clamps must also be 0-5 tons. In this case, the DFQ type flip lift clamp will also use a single test as the rated load. When lifting, it can be used alone. When lifting, it is necessary to pay attention to the addition of the balance beam. When lifting, no collision may be caused by the hanging object. Use of overloaded vehicles is prohibited.


After that, when the turn plate lifting clamps are used for use, it is necessary to check the damage level of the caliper body immediately after the completion of the lifting caliper, so as to ensure that it can continue to be used safely. After the inspection is completed, it is necessary to periodically clean the lubrication for the lifting jacks and also make a record. After selecting the storage environment, choose a dry and ventilated environment to avoid rust.


In the face of turn plate lifting clamps, if the situation is relatively light, this time it needs to be repaired by professionals. If it is a serious situation, it will be directly prohibited. And, in terms of this point, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it is necessary to replace the new roll-up lifting clamp immediately.


When flipping the lifting clamp device to lift a special heavy object, it is necessary to adjust the jaws, pin shafts, shaft holes, and angles of the lifting lifting clamp so as to ensure safety. . As for the flip lifting clamp equipment produced by our factory, we have a perfect quality assurance system and excellent product quality. After that, we can also pass the is09001 quality management system certification.