The constitution and matters needing attention of the geared trolley

- Oct 23, 2017-

The geared trolley is a kind of trolley which uses the bracelet as a driver, while walking on the edge of the T-steel rail. Its application is for the installation of equipment for docks, warehouses, factories and miners, as well as the lifting of the goods. In some areas, it is widely used.


The geared trolley mainly includes the six parts of the hanger shaft, hand ring, transmission shaft, left wallboard, right wallboard and bracelet wheel. And on the left and right wallboard, there also installs the trolley and hanger shaft tighten with the nuts. And on the hang rings, there is chain block.


How to use the hand monorail driving? In fact, it is very simple. As long as the zipper is pulled, the transmission shaft will rotate, so the trolley can be driven by the gear to let it walk on the track. The adjustment of this type of monorail car is carried out through the grommets in order to adapt to different rail width requirements.


Matters needing attention of the geared trolley

1. The geared trolley is strictly prohibited to overload and extra Performance, so as not to affect the normal use and use effect of the product.

2. When lifting heavy objects, any people can’t walk or work under the lower part of the geared trolley in order to avoid the danger or accident.

3. When using the geared trolley, if there is abnormal matter, it cannot continue operating, it should be stopped immediately and carry out the troubleshooting. In addition, after using, the lubrication maintenance work should be carried out, filling lubricating grease for lubrication on the bearing, gear and orbital plane.


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