The difference between Machinery Moving Skates tanks and the requirements for use

- Jan 24, 2019-

The Machinery Moving Skates tanks are divided into fixed handling tanks and steering handling tanks. The former is straight and can not be turned, with a rotating tray. There is no relative rotation between the cargo and the small tank tray when the tank is turned; the latter is characterized by the wheels. It is controlled by people and turns around as you like. It is used in particularly flexible occasions where steering requirements are high.


When multiple Machinery Moving Skates tanks are used together, an additional device that prevents a tank from falling out is combined with a small tank and is more convenient to use. When using Machinery Moving Skates tanks, slow down at low speeds, and take appropriate measures to preventive protection.


When the Machinery Moving Skates tank is used, it is necessary to remove the obstacles such as sand and iron filings on the road surface. Because of the uneven road surface and some unpredictable reasons, the wheels of each tank may not all be involved in the work, so when using the Machinery Moving Skates tank It is recommended that you put enough extra strength.


Straight-line Machinery Moving Skates tanks should be used in conjunction with more than three units to carry heavy objects or equipment; the wheels of the handling tanks should be inspected regularly. When it is found that the Machinery Moving Skates tank wheel has inflexible rotation or large bearing clearance, it is necessary to replace the new fitting before it can be used again.