The load range and CRM type characteristics of the load moving skates

- Nov 06, 2017-

The load moving skates is a handling device, which can improve the work efficiency on some occasions. It can also be used together, but with this use method, attention should be paid to the coordination and consistency between the various carrying small tanks. Because only in this way, it can avoid problems in the use process, so as to ensure its due use effect.


The main characteristics of the CRM crawler-type load moving skates:

1.The wheel is for the entire row of steel wheels, so that it can have better stress tolerance and wear resistance. And, it has high strength to bear the greater load.


2.It adopts high density bearing plate, so it has good bearing capacity. Also, there can be a fixed hole around the plate so that it can be fixed. Moreover, the size of the fixed hole can be adjusted.


3.In use, it is very convenient. Moreover, the handling of large tonnage is equally applicable.


The load moving skates has a certain load range. In general, it is within the range of 5 to 500 tons. And, if necessary, it can also customize large tonnage of carrying small tanks.

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