The maintenance of the chain hoist

- Nov 23, 2017-

The chain hoist is also called gun teckle and hand-drive block. It is a manual lifting machinery which is simple to use and easy to carry. Therefore, it will also be called " chain hoist" or " chain block ". The chain hoist should be used for lifting the short distance between the small equipment and the goods. The lifting weight should not exceed 100T in general.


After use, the chain hoist should be cleaned and coated with anti-rust oil, stored in a relatively dry place to prevent the chain block from dampness, rust and corrosion.


The maintenance and overhaul of the chain hoist should be carried out by people who are familiar with the chain hoist structure. Clean the chain hoist parts with kerosene, then lubricate the gear and bearing parts with butter so as to prevent people who do not understand the performance principle of the equipment at will. After cleaning and maintenance of the chain hoist, the no-load test should be carried out to confirm the normality of the work. When the brake is reliable, it can be used.


The friction surface of the chain hoist brake must be kept clean. The brake part should be checked frequently to prevent the brake failure and to avoid falling weight. The roller of the lifting sprocket of the equipment should be adhered to the bearing inner ring which has been pressed on the neck of the lifting sprocket shaft, and then loaded into the outer bearing ring of the wallboard.


When installing the part of the brake device, the meshing of ratchet wheel tooth space and pawl is better, and the control of spring to the pawl should be flexible and reliable. After loading the hand sprocket, rotate the hand chain clockwise, clamp the ratchet or friction plate on the brake seat. Rotate the bracelet wheel counterclockwise, and pay attention to the gap between the ratchet wheel and the friction plate.