The operation requirements of manual chain hoist

- Sep 16, 2017-

In order to successfully complete the task, as an operator, we need to operate in strict accordance with the requirements. First, in the operation of manual chain hoist in the process, not be cable-stayed overload; secondly, should be used to operate the human, not to use other power to operate; Third, before use, be sure to check to confirm, no exception Can be used.

So, before you use, what exactly are going to be done? In general, the use of manual chain hoist in the process, before the lifting is mainly to see whether the hook is hanging up and down, whether the lifting chain is a vertical suspension, there is no wrong twist and other abnormal problems. If you find an exception, should be promptly excluded, remember, only in the case of confirmation, can start the job.

In the course of actual operation, the staff should comply with the corresponding operational requirements and safety regulations. In general, the staff need to stand in the same plane as the hand wheel, and then pull the chain hoist chain chain, so that the hand wheel to clockwise rotation, so that can rise at noon, on the contrary, the weight will be slow Slow down. In the whole process, other personnel shall not carry out any action under the weight to avoid major accidents.

It should be noted that in the operation of manual chain hoist in the process, we must control the strength and speed. Whether it is raised or landed, in pulling the bracelet, should pay attention to force evenly, so as not to force too much, resulting in bracelet beating or clasp.

Finally, if an abnormal problem is found during operation, stop using it immediately, and then wait until the weight is stable landing, remove the manual chain hoist. After the work is completed, should pay attention to gently, and manual chain hoist placed in the designated location.

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