The principle and characteristics of chain hoist and its use

- Sep 23, 2017-

Hand chain hoist, which can be called manual hoist, chain hoist and lump does not fall and so on, its in the property, is a portable portable lifting equipment. And its specific application, is in the small equipment and cargo short-distance lifting, in the weight, is not more than 100 tons of provisions.


1. The principle of hand chain hoist

When lifting the weight up with gas, it is clockwise to move the manual chain and the bracelet wheel to rotate, and when the weight falls, it is counterclockwise to carry out, so that the brake seat and brake pads are separated, and thus can be smoothly The In the chain hoist, there are brakes, its role is to provide security.


2. Hand chain hoist material and characteristics

Chain hoist, its main parts, is made of alloy steel material, which uses the chain, is the high-strength lifting chain, in the material, is 20M2, and the frequency quenching, so that there are Good corrosion resistance. And in the hook, it is for the alloy steel this material. In use, can be durable and safe and reliable. Moreover, its performance is good, easy maintenance and convenience. Small size, light weight, compact structure, so easy to carry. Moreover, the small hand pull, mechanical strength is high. In function, is also very much.


3. Hand chain hoist instructions

Do not overload and super-use, in addition to manpower, is strictly prohibited with other power to operate. Before use, to carry out the necessary lubrication work to ensure that the chain hoist has a good lubrication. After its use, should do routine maintenance work to extend its service life.

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