The role of chain hoist trolley and maintenance

- Jan 25, 2018-

Chain hoist trolley is a simple to use and easy to carry manual lifting machinery, most of them will be used for small equipment and short-distance lifting of goods, its basic weight control in the 10-20T ,, lifting height is generally not more than 6m . As one of its components, a chain hoist trolley plays a key role in its use.


When the chain hoist trolley lifts the heavy object, it only needs to drag the manual chain clockwise to rotate the hand chainwheel to drive the hand chain hoist with movement. When the hand chain hoists downwards, the hand chain is pulled counterclockwise, the brake seat is separated from the brake pad, Ratchet in the pawl under the action of static, five-gear long-axis driven lifting chain wheel in the opposite direction, so as to smoothly reduce the weight.


Chain hoist trolley commonly used ratchet friction plate type one-way brake, can brake under load, the ratchet pawl in the spring and the ratchet meshing, the brake safe work, with safety and reliability, easy maintenance, light weight and easy to carry , Beautiful appearance, smaller size, durable features.


In the course of using the equipment, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and care of the rivet trolley. For example, it should be cleaned and painted with antirust grease after use and stored in a dry place to prevent damp and corrosion of the trolley damp.


In the hand chain hoist trolley brake parts installed, pay attention to the ratchet tooth groove and pawl claws good mesh, the spring control of the pawl should be flexible and reliable, fitted with the handwheel wheel, turn the hand wheel clockwise, the ratchet, friction Press the brake plate seat, rotate the hand wheel counterclockwise, ratchet and friction plate should leave a gap between. During refueling and hand chain hoists carts, the friction surfaces of the brake must be kept clean and the brake must always be checked.