The role of the ratchet in the hand chain block is the choice of the chain

- May 17, 2019-

The ratchet of the hand chain block smoothly transmits the force. The ratchet can provide a smooth force during the operation of the chain hoist. It does not guarantee that the equipment can rise quickly, but it can ensure the stability of the weight; the ratchet is also the brake system. The important components in the process, whether in the process of use, failure or heavy object stop operation, because the ratchet protection will never appear heavy weight decline, to prevent the occurrence of falling, to ensure the safety of operation.


There are many models and specifications for the chain hoists for your use. The lifting tonnage determines different specifications. In order to ensure operational efficiency, the range of the load is determined because the size of the load directly determines the thickness of the chain. Please select the chain of the chain hoist before lifting.


The chain of the chain hoist is divided into a hoisting chain and a chain of hand-drawn chains, both of which need to be thickened according to the weight of the hoisting weight, and the weight of the hoisting chain directly hangs the weight and the carrying capacity is very important; The hand chain is much thinner than the lifting chain. The hand chain is the control device of the chain hoist. It is also very important. The thickness of the chain will also need to be thick according to the weight.


Determine the weight of the weight before proceeding, and select the appropriate specification chain for the lifting operation. The thickness of the chain hoist chain is directly related to the load. Each load range has a specified chain thickness. If you change it at will, it will only bring danger to your operation.