The use and application scope of the drum lifting clamp

- Feb 18, 2019-

The single lifting of the drum lifting clamp or the horizontal lifting of multiple steel plates, the rated load mainly refers to the maximum weight of the lifting clamps used in pairs, the angle of the lifting point is 60 degrees, and the lifting capacity is 4 use.
The position of the tongs can be adjusted according to the thickness of the steel plate to be lifted. The tongs must be used in conjunction with the balance beam, and the objects to be hanged must not be caught during the lifting process.

The drum lifting clamp is mainly made of low-carbon high-quality alloy steel. It is very safe and reliable in the process of working. The whole product is compact and light in weight, and the fixed hanging beam is easy to install. Adjusting the rail width is quick and easy.

Use of drum lifting clamp

Roller lifting clamp is mainly used for the horizontal and vertical lifting of steel plates and the turning of steel sections.

Applicable scope of drum lifting clamp: widely used in shipyards, steel structure installation, steel market, machining, steel plate welding, steel plate cutting, horizontal steel plate handling, vertical steel plate moving and other work occasions.