The use attention points and hoisting matters of the hoisting tongs

- Nov 02, 2017-

The hoisting tongs is a tool for lifting objects. The hoisting tongs has the characteristics of uniformly distributed horizontal lifting. During the lifting operation, open the lifting jaw, firmly hold the weight on the work to be done, and then lift. When disassembling, the lifting gear should be removed when the weight is fallen to the ground without load. The lifting clamp is equipped with self-locking device, which is safe and reliable. It has the advantages of convenient operation, high efficiency and easy maintenance.


The use attention points of the hoisting tongs

1.The hanging operation should be carried out by the qualified person.

2.Select the tongs that are in accordance with the use.

3.It should not be overloaded in the allowable load range.

4.Use within the allowable thickness of the plate

5.Do not enter the lifting operation range or the rolling-over area.

6.Do not knock or impact the hanging objects and slings for lifting loads.

7.The hanging objects must not be moved or stopped sharply.

8.Avoid the hanging weight. It is best to use more than two tongs in order to safety .

9.Check the wear condition and other abnormal phenomena before use. Use after check.


The hoisting matters of the hoisting tongs

1.Cannot be used for the object except steel.

2.Cannot be used for the object with higher hardness.

3.Standing hoists cannot be used for the object with an irregular slope.

4.Standing hoists cannot be used in the case of cross bite.

5.Standing hoists cannot hoist more than two overlapping objects.

6.If there is rust, oil, paint and other foreign bodies on the lifting goods, it should be removed, and then use the hoisting tongs.

7.When the temperature of the lifting goods is higher than 150 ℃ - 20 ℃, the hoisting tongs can not be used.


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