The use of horizontal lifting clamp features and precautions

- May 31, 2018-

Horizontal lifting clamps are a kind of lifting pliers, whose main feature is that they can be lifted horizontally. Therefore, in the lifting operation, it will eject the transverse hanger jaws and clamp it on the weight of the work to be performed. It should be noted that, when dismantling, the sling should be taken off under no load after the weight has landed. The horizontal lifting pliers are usually forged from low-carbon, high-quality alloy steel and are safe and reliable.


In combination with practical applications, in fact, horizontal lifting clamps are currently mainly used for horizontal lifting of steel plates. Its load range is usually 0 to 16 tons. It is based on the two tests as the rated load, lifting operations are usually used by four matching. The staff should pay attention that they must be used in conjunction with the balance beam and they must not be hit by hanging objects during the lifting process. The product can be automatically decoupled and the test load is 2 times the maximum working load.


About the use of horizontal lifting clamps features introduced:

During the lifting process, it should be noted that the lifting jaws should be opened first to ensure that it is firmly clamped on the heavy work to be performed, and then lifted. When dismantling, the horizontal lifting pliers shall be removed only after the cargo has fallen into the ground and is under zero load.


Problems to be Noted in the Hoisting of Horizontal Lifting Clamps:

First, remember that this product must not be used for anything other than steel;

Second, do not use objects with excessive hardness.

Third, keep in mind that you can't use a standing crane in a horizontal position.

Fourth, if foreign matter such as rust, oil, or paint is stuck on the surface of the lifting gear, it needs to be wiped clean before the lifting clamp can be used.

Fifth, it cannot be used when the lifting temperature exceeds 150°C to 200°C.


In addition to the above, the use and operation of the horizontal lifting pliers also requires qualified and experienced staff. As a user, we need to select the tongs that match the purpose. In addition, it shall be guaranteed to be used within the allowable load of the horizontal lifting pliers and shall not be overloaded to avoid adverse effects.