The use of steel plate lifting clamp

- Mar 05, 2018-

Steel lifting clamp can also be called steel tongs, is a lifting equipment, is used for horizontal or vertical lifting of steel.


Plate lifting clamp Features: easy to use and safe, reliable, good performance, low noise, light weight and easy to install maintenance-free.


The use of steel plate lifting clamp:

(1) Before lifting the steel plate, the center of gravity of the steel plate should be in the correct position. When it is lifted, it should be horizontal. If the angle between the plate and the horizontal is more than 7 degrees, the position of the horizontal clamp should be adjusted to restore the horizontal state of the steel plate.

(2) When a steel plate lifting clamp is in operation, no person may stay or stay in the dangerous area below to avoid any danger or accident. In addition, according to the weight and thickness of the plate, select the appropriate plate lifting clamp, rather than overload or super performance use, otherwise it will seriously damage the lifting clamp.