Turn Plate Lifting Clamps

- Jul 31, 2017-

Turn plate lifting clamps, its from the point of view of the property, it is a kind of lifting clamp, in addition, there are horizontal plate clamps and vertical plate clamps of these two, from its hoisting way An angle to be divided, to get the specific species. So what kind of specific understanding and understanding should we have on this specific type of lifting clamps? Next, will come to answer, so that everyone clearly understand.

It is a kind of plate lifting devices, which is a kind of lifting work, and its main use is on the lifting item, such as lifting some Weight. Its characteristics are simple and convenient for the operation, the use of safe and reliable, simple maintenance, and high efficiency of these four.

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1. Turn lifting clamps operation
Turn lifting clamps, its use, specifically for: when the lifting operation, the lifting clamp to open, and the weight of a solid grip, and then lift it. When lifting to the specified position, the weight will be grounded, then the weight will be removed from the flip screw, and then removed.

2. Instructions for the use of the turn lifting clamps
How to correct and regulate the use of turn lifting clamps, which is some of the information and matters, which is specifically:
(1) Turn lifting clamps hanging hanging operation, which must be operated by hand, and the operator should have the appropriate qualifications Caixing, so that can guarantee the safety of operations.
(2) Turn lifting clamps in the hanging clamp, should be consistent with the use of lifting clamp. In addition, for safety reasons, should use more than two hanging clamp.
(3) Lifting clamps, before use, to carry out some inspection work, and is to be taken seriously and can not be the slightest sloppy. In addition, it is also necessary to know that flip the lifting clamp, which should be used within the allowable range of the load. Hanging in the process of moving, can not appear to move or stop the phenomenon of rapid.

Turn plate lifting clamps.jpg

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