Turntable small tank using the standard and instructions and what to pay attention to

- Feb 05, 2018-

The turntable small tank, which is a handling tool from a professional point of view, and can be used in conjunction with cranes, to complete the lifting and handling work. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize and understand this kind of handling equipment, because it can achieve the correct use and reasonable utilization of the small turntable tank so as to obtain good economic benefits.


1. The use of small turntables standards

Turntable small tank, which is one of the small tanks, so it has the corresponding requirements, is easy to use and safe, reliable, and have a longer life. In this way, in order to ensure the turntable has a good effect of small tanks. Moreover, these are also basic requirements that must be fulfilled.


2. turntable small tank's instructions

Turntable small tank, which can be used alone, can also be used together, so, according to the actual situation and the use of requirements to choose to meet different requirements. Generally speaking, it can handle one to two hundred tons of handling weight if it is used singly. If it is used together, it can reach several hundred tons, so there are no problems with using it to handle large-scale equipment of.


3. Rotary small tank of the use of precautions


(1) The connection between small turntable small tank and heavy objects should be firm, no problems such as loosening or loosening should be avoided in order to prevent heavy objects from slipping or tipping over, thereby affecting the safety of personnel.

(2) If the mechanical traction device is used for fixed traction, such as a tug traction machine, the problem of traction failure should be avoided to avoid any danger or accident.

(3) When handling heavy and heavy objects, it is necessary to take some precautionary and protective measures to prevent heavy objects from tipping over due to center of gravity.

(4) When the goods being transported are large in area, multiple turntable small tanks may be used to complete the handling of the articles. However, it should be noted that when using multiple turntables with small tanks, attention should be paid to the stability and safety of the items during handling.

(5) In general, the turntable small tank does not require routine maintenance, just regular lubrication of lubricated. However, if you use it for a long time, you should conduct a comprehensive inspection, whether there is any problem or abnormality, and if so, you should deal with it promptly. In addition, turntable small tanks during storage, should avoid direct sunlight or exposure, so as not to aging parts.