Use requirements of the vertical lifting clamp

- Dec 04, 2017-

The vertical lifting clamp is a kind of flat lifting equipment, known as clamping device, steel plate lifting clamp, steel plate clamp, plate clamp, steel hanging clamp and so on. The vertical lifting clamp is made of imported carbon alloy steel, which ensures the hoisting power, hanging capacity of the steel plate clamp and improves the use ability of the vertical lifting clamp.

The vertical lifting clamp is a lifting tool mainly used for vertical lifting of steel plate. It is very suitable for the vertical lifting of steel plate and steel structure. The entire device is equipped with a spring locking device so that it can be guaranteed not to slide. The whole equipment is made of high quality low carbon alloy steel. In the process of lifting, the metal plate of the hanging object should not be collided.

Use requirements of the vertical lifting clamp

1. The hanging operation should be carried out by the qualified person with suspension and hanging qualification certificate.

2. Select the hanging objects which are in accordance with the use.

3. Be used within the permissible range of loads. Overloading is stricly forbidden.

4. Be used within the allowable thickness of the plate.

5. Never enter the area of the hoisting operation.

6. Do not knock or impact the hanging objects and slings for lifting loads.

7. Avoid the hanging objects overweight, in order to keep safety, it is best to use more than two tongs.

8. Equipment should be inspected before use. Check whther there is blocking, wear and other abnormal phenomena. Inspect it before use.