VA type manual lever hoist advantages and application range

- Mar 24, 2018-

VA type manual lever hoist itself is a kind of light and small equipment, can use multi-purpose manual lifting and traction machinery, VA type manual lever hoist is relatively widely used in power, mining, shipbuilding, construction, transportation, post and telecommunications. In the installation of equipments in other departments, it can be used in the occasions such as lifting of articles, pulling of parts, binding of parts, and tension and welding alignment.


VA type manual lever hoists are used especially in narrow workplaces. Afterwards, we must also pay attention to their superiority in the field of aerial work or in various angles. Sexuality, in view of this, is an ideal tool for lifting and handling when actually operating.


Furthermore, regarding the advantages of the VA-type manual lever hoist, it is actually related to its scope of application. The structure of the equipment itself is relatively advanced, it is also safer and more reliable to use, with a durable feature; the overall efficiency is relatively high, the operation is very simple and comfortable; when the actual use, we will also find it Smaller in size, lighter in weight, and easier to carry.


VA type manual lever hoists are all structural steels, with a corrosion-resistant effect, and the use of a special alloy chain, followed by gear rotation, which ensure the stability of its structure, when the gear and shaft rotation When there is also bound to be a bearing or sleeve; this product surface after spray treatment, in appearance more beautiful.


VA type manual lever hoist before use, pay attention to check whether the various handle movement is not flexible, then it is necessary to pay attention to look at the friction parts are there will be lubricating oil, if it is found that the handle movement is not normal, That is, pay attention to repairs. VA type manual lever hoists must be equipped with safety devices when working at heights, otherwise they must not be used.