Vertical drum handling sling maintenance and lifting taboo job

- Jan 15, 2018-

First of all, when it comes to the maintenance of vertical drum handling sling, before and after each use is to pay attention to be to check whether there is an abnormal situation in various parts, the more prominent is that it will include a clamp Body weld cracks, holes or shaft deformation and the rotation of the scratch, corrosion and jaw damage and so on. Vertical cylinder lifting clamp on the logo after the loss should be promptly added to avoid wrong.


Moreover, when it comes to the maintenance of the vertical drum handling sling, the storage place should be taken care to prevent it from rusting and its damage on the horizontal forceps. When it is not used for a long time, it should be painted on the moving parts To grease, the rest should also be painted.


Vertical drum handling sling taboo lifting operations, we actually have to pay attention to its work in the use of a very convenient and that is more common a lifting sling, the lifting pliers in fact, will be subject to A lot of businesses alike. Lifting clamp on the lifting operation which is actually double the work efficiency will be improved, for its vertical lifting of steel and steel in terms of flip is also very applicable.


In order to avoid accidents when the vertical cylinder lifting clamps are in use and in order to improve the working efficiency of the user, the collision object is contraindicated in the lifting operation. In the following, to a large extent, That is, we should pay attention to the phenomenon of its use is prohibited to overload; the use of deformation or rupture is not serious and vertical wear vertical cylinder clamp.


Finally, the vertical cylinder lifting clamp in the use of the time, in fact, it will be strictly prohibited its rapid movement or stop hanging objects, when hanging up, in terms of its overlap, it is not hanging more than 2 ; Then, the vertical cylinder lifting clamp in use, in fact, it will prohibit the lifting surface attached to rust or oil touts and other foreign objects lifting.