Vertical lifting clamp load range and easy to use

- Apr 24, 2019-

The vertical lifting clamp is clamped on the heavy object to be operated when the operation is performed. When the heavy lifting object is grounded, the lifting gear and the vertical lifting steel lifting clamp are removed without load. The self-locking device is safe and reliable. Clamping speed, high work efficiency.


The vertical lifting clamp has a beautiful appearance, is easy to use, and is easy to maintain. The rail clamp is made of high-quality steel, safe and reliable in operation, compact in structure, light in weight, fixed hanging beam, easy to install, and quick and convenient to adjust the rail width. Widely used in automotive, aviation, metallurgy and other fields.


Vertical lifting clamps are suitable for horizontal lifting of steel plates, load range: 0-8 tons. Forged from low carbon quality alloy steel. Two tests were used as the rated load, and four of the lifting operations were used. It must be used in conjunction with the balance beam and must not collide with the object to be lifted during lifting. Can be automatically decoupled. The test load is 2 times the working load.


Vertical lifting clamp attached to debris


The vertical lifting clamp uses a rag or a steel ball to remove the debris attached to the movable part of the steel plate clamp and the clamp head and the clamp bolt. When encountering debris that cannot be removed, replace the spherical chuck and the clamping bolts in time.


To add oil lubrication to bolts and bearings, add oil lubrication to the rotating bolts of the steel plate clamp and the threaded part of the bearing and the pressure nut, and then wipe the spherical chuck and the thread of the clamping bolt to avoid grease on the thread. (uses easy to slip), causing unnecessary damage.