Vertical lifting clamp use precautions

- Jan 16, 2019-

Vertical lifting clamps Before the lifting work, the staff must know the matter. First of all, it is necessary to strictly select the Vertical lifting clamps that match the lifting weight; and check the gasket and the degree of bite wear before lifting. Whether the occlusal state of the teeth is blocked or not, and whether the spring locking device is operating normally.


After the steel plate is caught by the Vertical lifting clamp, it is confirmed that the lock is being carried out for lifting. During the transportation process, it is strictly forbidden to pass over the personnel. Before lifting, pay attention to the obstacles; during the transportation process, it is strictly forbidden to knock, impact the steel plate clamps and steel plates; during the lifting process, sudden stagnation is strictly prohibited, and the height and speed need to be slowly reduced.


When the Vertical lifting clamp is used, it is strictly forbidden to carry out the eccentric load and measure the position of the best elevator. It is strictly forbidden to lift two steel plates with a Vertical lifting clamp. When lifting a 1.5m long or 1.5m long steel plate, two Vertical lifting clamps are required for work. When lifting work, pay attention to personal safety, lifting work can not be careless.