Vertical Plate Clamp Pliers Profile

- Nov 11, 2017-

Vertical plate clamp is also a kind of hanging crane, vertical crane lifting clamp important lifting tools, for it, we actually just put it directly called the steel clamp, steel clamp, lifting Clamp or steel lifting clamp, in addition, including horizontal hanging steel clamp, steel clamp and vertical steel plate lifting clamp, etc. are also our name for it.

Then, on the vertical plate clamp is also used in the vertical lifting of steel objects lifting tools. However, when it is actually being used, it is necessary to pay attention to that it is necessary to hang the hanging work, that is to say, it will be operated by a suspended hanging worker. Next, it will be selected and used by itself Match the tongs.

Immediately afterwards, when using the vertical lifting clamp, it must be noted that it must be used within the allowable load range and can not be overloaded; it must be used immediately within the allowable thickness range. In addition, we actually need to pay attention to the fact that it can not enter the hoisting area.

Vertical steel lifting clamp in the use of the time, do not appear to beat or the impact of hanging objects and spreaders phenomenon. Then, to a large extent, it is also necessary to pay attention to the phenomenon that the object can not be moved rapidly or appears to stop sharply; to avoid the emphasis on hanging objects, this time, in order to ensure safety, it is best to pay attention to should be Is to use more than two tongs can be.

Lastly, before lifting the steel plate lifting clamp, it is necessary to check the biting head, the blockage between the washer and the tooth, the wear condition and other anomalies, and the check refers to the use again. Vertical plate clamp in the operation, it is prohibited for the flip between items. And in terms of the equipment itself, is equipped with a spring locking device, to ensure that objects will not slip off, to ensure job safety.

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