Vertical Plate Clamps work efficiently and with advantages

- Mar 11, 2019-

The Vertical Plate Clamp is a tool for lifting steel plate articles during use, and the products can be divided into horizontal lifting clamps and vertical lifting clamps according to the manner in which they are used for lifting. The horizontal lifting tongs have the characteristics of uniform horizontal lifting. When lifting, the horizontal clamping jaws are opened, firmly clamped on the heavy objects to be worked, and then hoisted. When disassembling, the weight should be removed and the tongs should be removed without load. Vertical hanging steel plate clamps are equipped with self-locking devices for safe and reliable work. Easy to operate, high efficiency and easy maintenance.


Advantages of horizontal hanging vertical plate clamps


Horizontal vertical plate clamps are used to lift and transport flat steel plates. It belongs to a single-lever type. When lifting, the lever principle is used to generate the clamping force from the weight of the lifting object.


Advantages of vertical vertical plate clamps


Mainly used for lifting and handling prevention (maximum thickness α). It uses the weight of the hanging object to generate the clamping force, and has a handle operation, which is safe and self-locking. When the operating handle is turned to the superior limit advantage, the safety self-locking device can generate the auxiliary clamping force under the action of the spring force, and the clamping force has the pre-clamping force before the lifting weight of the hanging body has yet to be generated. When the lifting object needs to be removed, turn the operating handle to the lower limit position, at which time the nipper opening is turned to the maximum and locked by the safety self-locking device for loading and unloading.