Vertical plate lifting clamps maintenance and use precautions

- Dec 28, 2017-


Vertical steel plate lifting clamp inspection methods, the first point to speak, the steel plate clamp jaw opening degree should be increased by 1O% of the original size; vertical plate lifting clamp should be marked with safety load and other marks; vertical plate lifting clamp The surface should be done to ensure its smooth and smooth, can not have cracks or damage phenomenon, the welding place should be welded through, can not have slag, welding deformation can not occur.


Speaking of steel plate lifting clamp maintenance, its rings or shaft hole in terms of words should be careful not to crack, ring wear can not exceed the original diameter of 1O%. Then, its steel wrench is to pay attention to should be twice the safety load to be tested, then it is necessary to keep for five minutes, after unloading, a comprehensive examination, there can be no permanent deformation.


Note the use of vertical plate lifting clamps, which is more obvious, which means that the wrench to avoid falling during use. In this regard, as far as carrying out work, sometimes there will be the case of falling objects hanging, the situation is to be avoided. In view of this, in fact, we must pay attention to the need to find out the reason, so as to avoid the same mistake in the next operation.


However, on the steel plate lifting clamp hanging phenomenon of falling objects, the first point to speak, it is because the operator in the operation of the non-standard. This is more deadly, in the use of this machinery and equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the strict implementation in accordance with operating standards.


Next, the vertical steel plate lifting clamp in the lifting, not the lock handle up to make the spring tension will cause the hanging drop, the error is very low, we should pay attention when checking the use of vertical steel plate Heavy on the handle on the handle; Furthermore on the vertical plate lifting the use of excessive load makes the device appear serious deformation led to the phenomenon of the fall of the break, which is to be careful not to overload.