Vertical plate lifting clamps the use of pliers and operating specifications

- Jan 18, 2018-

Vertical steel plate lifting clamp is a lifting tool specially designed for vertical lifting of steel plates. In order to ensure the stability and safety during hoisting, vertical steel plate lifting clamp must be thoroughly and carefully inspected before use, especially It's biting head, gaskets, tooth state, etc., after passing the examination can continue to use.


In the use of vertical plate lifting clamps, the relevant staff must be familiar with the safety practices; and must be used in accordance with the specifications and weight of steel lifting vertical steel plate lifting clamp. During the process of lifting the steel plate, the steel plate must be clamped and the spring locking device should be pulled to the locking position before lifting.


As a manufacturer of vertical plate lifting clamps, it is necessary to establish the use of equipment files, detailed records of specifications, names, manufacturers and the use of inspection records, and vertical plate lifting clamp certificate for future reference. Hoisting operations shall not be passed above the staff, hoisting personnel need to travel in the course of the course of more than 2 meters in the area to remind other workers to pay attention to safety.


For safety reasons, it is forbidden to beat or impact the hanging objects and spreaders on the vertical steel plate lifting clamps; at the same time, the objects should not be moved rapidly or stopped abruptly. In order to avoid the emphasis on hanging things, to ensure safety, the length of 1.5 meters above the plate, you must use more than 2 tongs.


In addition, do not allow the use of a vertical plate lifting clamps lifting two and more than two plates; of course, also forbidden tongs for materials and live parts flip, which are to ensure the smooth operation of hoisting operations, Prerequisites for safety in all aspects.