Vertical steel plate lifting clamps safety regulations and how to avoid biting

- Oct 30, 2017-

Steel plate lifting clamps is a tool or device for lifting or lifting steel plates. So, it is in some areas, there is a wide range of applications.

The lifting operation of the steel plate lifting clamps is:
(1) Vertical steel plate lifting clamps Before use, it is necessary to check whether all the rotating parts of the rotation is flexible, and fasteners are fastened. In the spring locking device, check whether the sensitive and reliable.
(2) in the lifting specifications and weight, should be based on the actual situation and the use of demand to determine, because only in order to make steel plate lifting clamps has a good effect.
(3) Before lifting the steel plate, the steel plate should be clamped before the steel plate, and then the spring lock device to lock the lock position, in order to carry out the lifting work of steel.
(4) In the area where the lifting route is located, the person can not pass or stay in order to avoid danger or accident.
(5) When steel plate lifting clamp is used, it is forbidden to be hit, and it is forbidden to knock.

If you want to avoid the problem of gripping the plate, you should wrap the rubber or cloth on the pliers so that you can avoid the change in the length of the plate or the width of the web.

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