Vertical steel plate lifting clamps scope of application

- Mar 08, 2018-

When it comes to vertical steel plate lifting clamps equipment, it means lifting tongs, steel lifting clamps, elevators, hanging tongs, and in the case of such vertical steel lifting tongs, it is itself Lifting equipment. And on the main vertical steel plate lifting clamp is also used for vertical lifting of steel and steel section of its turnover. In addition to the vertical plate lifting clamp equipment, after which also includes a cross-hanging plate tongs, flip tongs, laminated steel tongs, veneer tongs and so on.


Vertical steel lifting clamp is mainly made of forged low-carbon high-quality alloy steel in the actual work will also appear more secure and reliable, and the two types of equipment in this structure is relatively compact and light weight , With a fixed hanging beam, in terms of this, it is more convenient in the installation, adjust the width of the clip rail is also faster and easier.


After talking about the scope of application of vertical steel plate lifting clamps, the actual terms, its more extensive is widely used in shipyards, steel structure installation, then it can be used in the steel market, machining, steel welding, In addition, its application in the cutting of steel plate, the horizontal transfer of steel plate and its vertical movement of steel plate is also widely used.


Vertical steel plate lifting clamps in addition to the above definition, use and scope of application, there are more precautions to use. First of all, this hanging hanging operation must be carried out by the hanging hanging work qualified personnel, should pay attention to selection and use of models; afterwards, the vertical plate lifting clamp in the use of time, must be To be used within the allowable load range.


Vertical steel lifting clamp in the use of time, it must be within the allowable plate thickness which range of use; vertical plate lifting clamp can not be used for heavy lifting, stage crane, a total crane, reliance hanging or hanging crane ; Then when it is in use, never go into the hanging drop or flip area; can not be given to the hanging objects and spreaders beat or collision.