What are the advantages of steel lifting clamps

- Mar 26, 2020-

At present, in the use and operation of many lifting equipments, it is very important for the actual safe use. Because of the long-term use of the equipment during the lifting operation, there may be various hidden safety hazards. Broken hairspring ropes caused by wear and tear, and the selection and use of lifting clamps. What are the different practical application advantages of the new steel plate lifting clamps in the design of the structural body?

Nowadays, in the design of steel plate lifting clamps, many practical and safety factors have been taken into consideration, and in the process of use, it has certain anti-skid and anti-shedding performance, and has the advantages of strong and abrasion resistance. The toughness and strength of the lifting tongs are relatively high, which effectively improves the actual application performance. In the structural design of the steel plate lifting tongs, a spring lock is added to the design, thus improving the bite force and safety of the steel lifting tongs Therefore, the accidental fall accident during the operation can be effectively avoided, and the actual application performance is improved.

In the practical application of steel plate lifting clamps, there are many different practical advantages and functions. Among them, the use of the self-locking function during the lifting of steel plate components has improved the actual production and application efficiency. During the lifting and moving process, the safety during use is ensured. At the same time, during the use of the steel plate lifting clamps, regular maintenance and maintenance are required, so as to improve the actual ownership life.

Because the steel plate lifting clamp is also affected by many external factors during the use of the steel plate lifting clamp, during the inspection and maintenance of the steel plate lifting clamp, the chuck part needs to be effectively inspected and cleaned, so that the steel plate Lifting tongs can be used better, so it is also very important for the operation requirements and regular maintenance of personnel.