What are the devices of steel plate lifting clamp

- Mar 03, 2020-

As the steel plate lifting clamps used by users are not uncommon, because it is widely used, and plays a vital role in steel plate lifting and machinery and component processing, usually lifting steel plate lifting clamps, cranes and There are different types of unloading steel plate lifting clamps, so the steel plate lifting clamps have unique efficiency. When purchasing, you must choose the most suitable type according to the length and width of the steel plate. How can steel plate lifting clamps be better selected and used today?

The locking structure steel plate lifting tongs currently used have the advantages of stably and effectively locking the vertical axis and large nuts, increasing the safety of the tong crane, and the structure is simple and can be adjusted, so it is more convenient to use. Among heavy tongs, horizontal lifting steel plate lifting tongs are suitable for horizontal lifting of steel plates, vertical lifting steel plate lifting tongs are suitable for lifting gravity of vertical steel plates, and rotary clamps are applied to steel plates, which are widely used for steel plate and equipment levels Lifting, so the steel plate lifting clamp can be used for the lifting of steel plates and equipment.

The new steel plate lifting clamp device includes mounting holes evenly arranged from the bottom to the top. The connecting rod can be moved through the hexagonal nut, the hexagonal nut passes through the mounting hole and the connecting rod, and the connecting bolt is mounted on the bolt and connected to the clamp. The new jaw device can be flexibly adjusted and used according to the actual lifting requirements. Therefore, the gap between the bracket bodies can meet the requirements of fixing multiple steel plates at the same time.

Therefore, the structure is simple, the cost is relatively low, the use efficiency is high, and the flexible and flexible steel plate lifting clamps are used at the same time. Therefore, it is suitable for large-scale processing equipment and high-efficiency spreaders of equipment parts. More and more widely, now steel plate lifting clamps have been popularized.