What are the precautions for the use of single steel plate lifting clamp?

- Jul 03, 2019-

Since the single steel plate lifting clamp is a lifting tool for lifting steel plates, some safety procedures must be taken into account during lifting operations. Before using single-plate lifting clamps, you should be familiar with the safe operation rules for steel plate lifting; if you are not familiar with it, you can check the instruction manual attached to the steel plate clamp.


Before use, you need to check the bite of the steel plate clamp, the wear state of the gasket, and check if there is oil. If there is oil, please clean it up or replace it with a new one. Check whether the transfer parts of the clamp are flexible and spring-locked. Whether the device is reliable, whether the solid parts are normal or not, can be put into use after the inspection is confirmed.


Lifting with single-plate lifting clamps must be carried out according to the specifications and rated load capacity of the lifting clamps, and the corresponding models should be used. Do not use vertical lifting clamps when using horizontal hanging steel clamps. When lifting steel plates with steel lifting clamps, The lifting must be started after the bite is clamped to the steel plate and the spring locking device is pulled to the locked position.


When lifting the steel plate, there should be no personnel passing through the hoisting. The hoisting personnel need to remind other operators to pay attention to safety in the area of 2 meters or more in front of the route during the running. Do not knock or impact the hanging objects and spreaders; do not make the lifting objects move sharply or stop sharply; it is strictly forbidden to use a lifting clamp to lift the steel plate.