What is the lever hoist

- Oct 12, 2017-

The lever hoist is a manual lifting tool that is used primarily for lifting, pulling, lowering and calibrating these operations to achieve the intended purpose and effect. Lever hoist from the general weight of not more than 50 tons. It can be used in shipbuilding, electricity, transportation, mining, post and telecommunications and construction industries, such as equipment installation, lifting equipment and mechanical traction and other work.

The principle of lever hoist: through the principle of leverage to match the load with the linear traction, which drives the load to run, you can achieve the purpose of use. If you add some special equipment, you can also carry out non-linear traction operations.

Lever hoist main features: small size, light weight, easy to carry, the use of safe and reliable, good performance, and high efficiency and easy maintenance. In addition, it uses a unique elastic clutch technology, so that you can lift the goods at any location and height, without any restrictions, so as to enhance the use of results.

One of the types of lever hoist: wire rope lever hoist

Wire rope lever hoist, also known as wire rope tractor or wire rope pull pull machine, with lifting, pulling and tensioning these three functions. Moreover, this kind of lever hoist, with a reasonable structure design, high safety factor and long life, etc., so the outdoor powerless source of this situation, especially applicable.

Lever hoist type two: chain lever hoist

The chain lever hoist is for factories, mines, docks, and construction sites. And can achieve any angle of traction. This kind of lever hoist, in the rated weight, is 250 kg, 500 kg, 750 kg, 1500 kg, 3000 kg, 6000 kg and 9000 kg of these seven, we can choose according to need.

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