What is the safety of the steel plate lifting clamp?

- Mar 05, 2020-

It can be seen from the actual understanding that the new steel plate lifting clamp is a tool, which is used to lift objects and used tools, so the selected steel plate must be used within the specified capacity use load, and must be 1/5 of the load or For use in a wider range, the maximum amount should not exceed the effective thickness range, otherwise, the thickness of the lifting material may cause dangerous accidents, but how to pay attention to the actual safety operation in the process of using the steel plate lifting clamp?

The distance between the jaw and the caliper body can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual lifting requirements, which can meet the requirements of clamping multiple steel plates at one time, so the structure is simple, the cost is low, and the work efficiency is high, the flexibility is good, and the practicability When the operating surface is easy to slide due to grease or paint, you need to use new pliers to pay attention to whether it is stuck. Instead, use one-time impact load pliers. When determining the clamping position, you must avoid using a lock lever when winding or unrolling, or The contact between the spring hook and the oil wire rope, the lifting ring, and the lifting material, and confirm the installation position of the steel.

Since the steel plate lifting clamp is in a good locked state at this position, it is necessary to confirm that the jaws have been correctly inserted, and the terrain conditions must be considered to determine the installation position, especially the stability of the crane when landing. Before use, check the oil wire rope for wear And deformation, and record the inspection results in the inspection records. The height must be free of cracks, deformations and distortions, regardless of whether all rotating parts are flexible, whether the fasteners are loose, etc.

The current steel plate lifting tongs are mainly used for lifting steel plates. Depending on the length and width of the steel plate, different cross clamps are used under different stacking conditions. No matter which way the steel plate lifting tongs must be applied according to instructions and procedures, Make sure that it is locked and may rise. When lifting the bracket when lifting the horizontal lifting steel, it is fixed on the weight to be operated, so it can be used safely.