What kind of machinery is the steel plate lifting clamp

- Feb 29, 2020-

At present, by understanding the composition and use principle of steel plate lifting clamps for vertical cranes, the structure of the lifting clamps and the conditions of domestic production and use, the design of steel plate lifting clamps for vertical cranes has been completed, and effective solutions for steel plate lifting have been found. The method of sliding problems, and the short-term use of vertical lifting device steel plate lifting clamps, a new type of anti-fall device is currently set, so what practical issues should be paid attention to in the use of steel plate lifting clamps?

A steel plate lifting clamp currently used relates to an anti-locking interlocking bracket crane, which is characterized by the use of a return spring in contact with a limit switch. The new type of steel plate lifting clamp includes a structure of a main lifting clamp. Cavity structure steel plate lifting clamp and side body steel plate lifting clamp, the main structure, the lifting clamp is rotatably connected to a rod for lifting, and the rod has a lifting end extending to the main structure, and the lifting gear is connected to the rotation The pivot lever enables the steel plate lifting clamp pivot lever to be connected to the main structure.

Currently used for improved steel plate lifting pliers, it connects the caliper body through a tension spring, so that when the lifting direction changes, the pliers can always be clamped to prevent the steel plate from falling off accidentally and has higher safety. Now, the new model is conducive to expanding the use of steel plate clamping and lifting, effectively reducing material loss, expanding the lifting clamps within the scope of the fixed device, and lifting the steel lifting clamps at a higher speed.

Therefore, the operation and use of steel plate lifting clamps effectively release labor, effectively improve productivity, the application structure using existing steel plates, and crane steel plate lifting clamp control applications are very important. For the main problems of the application, As well as the design of the applied technical structure, the emphasis is on understanding the sequence of crane operation and the use of brakes that control the lifting mechanism.