What’s the geared trolley?

- Nov 18, 2017-

The geared trolley will be driven by the chain, which is much more convenient than the monorail trolley. The electric monorail car is more convenient when used, the lifting weight is driven, which can automatically walk on the lower flange of the I-beam steel track, and hang the chain block under the trolley.


This type of geared trolley with the above equipment can form a manual lifting and transportation trolley. The device is on the straight or curved monorail overhead transportation line or the manual single beam, bridge, cantilever crane. It is a more important lifting accessory.


The explosion-proof geared trolley will be driven by bracelet. explosion-proof chain block is hung under the monorail trolley. The geared trolley operation is safer and easier to maintain.


The structure of the geared trolley is compact, and the installation size is relatively small. The wheel flange spacing will be adjusted conveniently according to the track width. Rolling bearing will be installed on the roller shaft, the walking efficiency is high, and the artificial force is relatively small. The roller itself will use special wheel tread, which can drive on the plane orbit at or under the slope of 1: 6.


The design of the geared trolley wheel has the wheel flange, which can walk on the curve of the smaller curvature radius, and it can be used in different kinds of explosion-proof environment for lifting and transportation. The geared trolley is also widely used for equipment installation and cargo lifting in factories, mines or docks, shipyards, warehouses and  engine rooms.