What to do before using steel plate lifting clamp

- Mar 07, 2020-

Now the new type of steel plate lifting clamp, if the basic material is not clean in the position of the mandrel and fastening bolts, the grease attached to the wire is easy to slide, the operation is dangerous, and the steel plate lifting clamp needs to be cleaned regularly. To cover the dirt, you need to use cloth or steel balls to remove the clamping parts of the movable parts and fasteners, so after removing the debris, to extend the use effect, how to properly use the steel plate lifting clamp?

Due to the use of horizontal steel plate lifting clamps for hoisting and lifting, the current use rate of steel plate lifting clamps is very high, so in the process of use, as long as the user understands the following points do not have to worry, it is forbidden to overload the horizontal steel plate clamps The proper vertical clamp should be selected according to the weight and thickness of the steel plate. Therefore, in actual use, there should be no large gap between the steel plate and the floor. There must be a space between the steel plate and the floor, and the space must be slightly larger than the bottom of the pliers. Therefore, the operation will be moved to the maximum opening and fixed on the steel plate clamp inside the steel plate.

Because the steel plate lifting clamp must be checked before use, the center of the steel plate must be divided into two groups, the center of the formed polygon, and the position of the horizontal bracket must be readjusted. Pay special attention to the situation without clamping. The included angle between them must not exceed the specified value, otherwise it must be reinstalled for use, and only one steel plate can be lifted at a time. Two steel plates are not allowed to be lifted at the same time, and other objects are not allowed to be placed on the steel plate.

Nowadays safety is the main problem of lifting work, but collisions will occur when lifting steel plate lifting clamps at the construction site, which will hinder sight, lack of light and other environmental factors. Many precautions must not exceed the maximum service load of steel plate lifting clamps, which may Will damage the steel plate lifting clamp and falling objects, so the lifting clamp not only makes the clamping more stable, but also increases the applicability of the lifting clamp.