What to pay attention to when using steel plate lifting clamp

- Feb 25, 2020-

Since the new steel plate lifting clamp is currently used to lift the steel plate assembly, it has a self-locking function and high efficiency. In order to expand the scope of use of the steel plate, it must be regularly maintained after use of the product and stored in the correct way. When the metal rags or steel balls remove the moving parts, and the debris and debris on the steel plate lifting clamp chuck, so that the steel plate lifting clamp can be used better, how can the practical performance of the steel plate lifting clamp be better improved? ?

The current multifunctional steel plate lifting tongs are provided with jaws, which are rotatably provided on the clamp hook, so that the steel plate is placed in the jaw, and the bolt is rotated to firmly clamp the plate, and the steel plate does not Easily fall off to effectively reduce the accident rate and reduce casualties. The jaw is designed to have a circular arc shape, and the arc shape increases the strength of the jaw and facilitates the rotation of the jaw, and adds bearing bolts and nuts. And hydraulic lubrication of bolt parts.

At present, in order to avoid the use of moisturizing grease on the bolts in the use of steel plate lifting clamps, which causes unnecessary damage, when it is not used indoors, it needs to be stored indoors to avoid outdoor weather. Rust and severely damage the steel plate lifting bracket. Steel plate lifting clamp is a lifting tool for lifting steel plates, usually used for steel plate lifting applications. If the user understands the precautions accurately, it is necessary to consider personal safety first. It is the most important during the use.

When performing lifting operations, it must be operated by a qualified operator and familiar with the operating instructions, so that it can be ensured that the steel plate lifting clamp will not cause dangerous accidents when lifting the steel plate. According to the user's own lifting method and steel plate size, choose the appropriate one. The steel plate clamp confirms that the self-locking device of the steel plate clamp is sensitive and reliable.