When the hand chain block must be replaced under certain circumstances

- Jul 12, 2019-

The hand chain block is a relatively simple lifting tool, so if the parts have problems, replace them in time. In the case of a brake pad, when it does not reach the braking torque requirement, the lifting weight will not reach the rated lifting capacity. In this case, the brake should be adjusted or the brake pad should be replaced.


When the chain hoist is twisted by the chain, the operation force is increased, so that the parts are caught or broken. The reason should be checked in time, which may be caused by the deformation of the chain. If the throw can not be solved after adjustment, the chain should be replaced. The chain is stuck and difficult to handle. Generally, it is caused by chain wear. If the diameter of the link has worn up to 10%, the chain should be replaced.


Damage to the hook of the chain hoist is also mainly caused by fracture, severe wear and deformation. When the hook wears more than 10%, or replace it with a new one. If the above-mentioned wear amount is not reached, the full load standard can be lowered and the use can be continued. Chain damage is mainly caused by breakage, severe wear and deformation. If you continue to use the damaged chain, it will cause serious accidents and must be replaced in time.